Bistro Le Paris Go

The restaurant is open 

Our restaurant is situated in the Chateau of the park and it can be measured with confidence against the best restaurants in the area. The dishes with inspirations taken from the local areas are a permanent part of the dinner and lunch menus and some great wines will help to inspire your meal. Our chef takes personal care of the menu, the products and suppliers. He sometimes takes guests to a wine house or a farm. He would love to tell you more about this. 

For a large part of the year you can eat outside and enjoy a culinary meal on one of the terraces around the chateau. Near the chateau is also a small establishment where you can go for a meal in an informal atmosphere. The Chateau is a meeting place for guests, villa owners and locals. The French are known for their eating and drinking habits. You don’t have to search for this on the park it will come to you!  

The views from the terraces around the Chateau are gorgeous. The snowy tops of the Pyrenees are fascinating.


Route de Boulogne
32220 Lombez

Tél. 05 42 54 34 80

Bistro Le Paris Go

tel: TÚl. 05 42 54 34 80

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